Good employees can be your greatest asset, and possibly your greatest cost. There are many things to consider when you employ people. Attracting and selecting the right people is crucial for your business. However, as an employer there are also legal requirements you must comply with.

Minimum wages and conditions of employment

The national workplace relations system provides a safety net of minimum terms and conditions of employment and establishes a range of workplace rights and responsibilities. Abiding by your legal obligations as an employer is the first place to start. The 10 minimum conditions of employment for most employees are in the National Employment Standards. Minimum wages and some conditions of employment are found in modern awards.

More information the National Employment Standards is available here.
More information about modern awards can be found here.

Hiring employees

Good recruitment and onboarding practices will help your new employee start off on the right foot and contribute to the productivity of your business sooner.

Hiring a new employee for your business is a big decision, so it's important to do it right. To make sure you find the best person for your business, it's a good idea to invest some time into recruitment planning.

In addition, always use a written offer of employment, or contract of employment when hiring an employee.

More information on recruitment is available here.

Invest time in a thorough onboarding because this will help you get the most from your new employee. You should also meet with your new employee to set goals, expectations and training needs during the first few weeks. Then schedule regular catch-ups to talk about how they’re going.

More information on recruitment and onboarding is available here.

Managing performance

As a manager, supervisor, or leader, one of your primary managerial responsibilities involves informing employees about their work responsibilities, setting and interpreting work performance standards, and giving appropriate feedback by providing examples of work performance and behaviour.

More information on managing performance is available here.

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